Jeppe Rasmussen

I am a tech nerd who is constantly exploring new technologies to figure out how they can be used to improve the world.


Me in 10 seconds

Schooled as a marketeer, previously managed cloud + security projects in Microsoft & now on a journey to build my own impact startup (while coding on the side) 💪

Previously I have crowdfunded my way to create sport facilities for a school in Nicaragua, lived as a digital nomad with my data-driven marketing consulting business and done Digital Marketing for a startup ✈️

Currently living, socializing, reading, coding, climbing & running around Copenhagen ☀️

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🏗 ️ BeResourceful

IoT platform to trace building components in the construction sector to enable more reuse of materials

🎤 Audiorecorder

Curious about your voice output? call this number and get your recording


Crowdfunded 10k to build sport facilities for a school in Nicaragua 😍


💡Any ideas?

Would love to collaborate on stuff! 🙌Reach out to me on Twitter