Things I have done so far..

As an aspiring entrepreneur have I been a part of projects in various areas. Hopefully in the future I will be able to connect the dots looking backwards and see a perfect trajectory towards something amazing.


As a front end React/Redux developer I love leveraging the power of APIs to build and integrate many tools into something powerful.

Front end development is way more powerful than just html/css. From the client you can run a function that hits an API endpoint served by a Cloud Function and read/write from a database through that.

This is great for companies as it lowers their maintenance cost, increases security & flexibility in their applications.

Front end Auth0 MFA login flow using React/Redux with MaterialUI


This login flow was created together with a startup that had provided the API endpoints from express servers.

The front end was tested with Mocha & helped the company detect errors and improve error handling through their UI.

Coding Coach: React/Redux UI with Typeform/Airtable integrations.


My entry for #24hrstartup challenge I did in 12 hours while in transit from Madrid to CPH

Collects requests for coding help through Typeform, notifies coaches on platform with requested skills & updates interface when request have been accepted. Authentication through Firebase.

Gatsby Architecture

JepRas: Personal website & blog created with Gatsby & GraphQL


This website follows the JAMstack architecture for blazing fast rendering, low maintenance cost, scalability & security

Blog content is provided through Netlify's headless CMS and served through GraphQL, which makes it easy for content writers to update.
Styled with Bulma CSS framework.

Scan2Sheet: Inventory Management System for craftsmen

ReactReduxFirebaseGoogle SheetsAirtable

Created for a locksmith who needed a quick way to scan items in his warehouse & calculate final cost of items used

Made everything serverless with Sheets/Firebase/Airtable to keep security high, maintenance cost low & for users to easily update pricelists from vendors.


As I am grateful for having growed up in a safe environment, my thoughts naturally run towards how I can help others. Especially with technology.

Infinite Climbing

An Augmented Reality climbing game that supports kids in their rehabilitation.
Infinite Climbing helps sick kids perform tedious exercises by turning it into a game.

The idea emerged after the Future Children Hospital of Copenhagen needed ideas to activate hospitalized kids. If kids have been hospitalized for 6 months, they come out with the physical level of 70year olds.

Keeping or gaining their strength in their upper body speeds up their recovery, hence the idea for Infinite Climbing..

alt text


Over the course of multiple months while travelling the idea was emerging; I wanted to build sport facilities for the school in Nicaragua where I had lived.

In 3 months I took it from idea to finished build.

  • The first month was spent validating the idea with the village, absorbing all knowledge I needed to execute on this and preparing the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Month 2 was a constant effort to create as much awareness as possible while educating the kids on the school on physical education.
  • Thanks to hundreds of kind souls we had the money 3 days before our all-or-nothing campaign deadline, so the last month was spent building the actual field.

This was the outcome..

alt text