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Founders of Tomorrow storyMay 05, 2019

This wasn’t my first Founders of Tomorrow bootcamp. Three years ago, I applied and got rejected. I only managed to snag a spot after a last-minute cancellation. This year, I applied again. Things went a little differently. They accepted my application, and I ended up winning a trip to Silicon Valley for a 5-week accelerator program. FoT the first time around Just before FoT 2016, I finished my…

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The Power of CommunityJanuary 19, 2019

Doing anything noteworthy by yourself is close to impossible. When we see people who have created incredible services, it is often built from the input of hundreds. Making Stone Soup This is the idea of making stone soup, a concept from Peter Diamandis book BOLD. Boiled down (pun intended), the story is about how you make something from nothing by reaching out to others and make them excited…

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Don't wait for others to take the initiativeJanuary 16, 2019

If you are waiting for something to be initiated, chances are high that others are as well! For months have I been reading IndieHackers (IH), but haven’t connected with anyone offline that have the spirit as all online IH readers. Weekly I was scrolling through their newsletter hoping for a meetup in Copenhagen to be arranged, but it never appeared. So I reached out to the 30 people on the…

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100 Days of Code JourneyNovember 13, 2018

I really wanted to share what I was doing, but hated that I had to show off how shitty my coding skills were. Turns out, people don't care, but are mostly supportive - who would have known ? Why do the challenge? "Every day that you consistently code, you’ll build momentum. That momentum will make it easier for you to learn more advanced topics. You won’t have to spend extra time trying to…

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