What I am doing (November, 2016)

Searching for jobs related to strategy and technology. Find resume here ✌️

I have realized that now is the time for me to be in a bigger company where I can learn from my peers and see how the business world functions on a bigger scale.

More specifically, I am looking for a junior consulting role related to strategy & technology.

Request cover letter (does it work like this?)

Leading the promotion and application process for the H20 Challenge

A global accelerator program for ideas disrupting the water industry, co-organized by IE Business School & City of Knowledge (in Panama). Do you know anyone that might be interested? More info here


Learning about Computer Science and Agile Design

CS50 from Harvard on edX is by far the best MOOC I have ever come across. It is a great introduction to computational thinking and understanding how technology functions.

Reading The Zero Marginal Cost Society

Thought provoking book on the possibility of all services being nearly free in a near future, thanks to new technologies such as IoT, 3D printing, biotech and more.


Training to do half marathon in 1h 20minutes

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