Jeppe Rasmussen

I am an entrepreneur from Denmark currently living in Madrid. I am a lifelong learner, reflective individual and hopeless optimist.

I love the opportunities technology bring and I am very passionate about finding ways to use it for social good! Currently working at Microsoft and have previously worked with Pangea, JepRas and PinoleroGO.

In my free time I feed my curiosity by reading, going to events and trying new things. I am constantly moving around to get new inspiration.

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Currently living in
Madrid, Spain
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Favorite books

Since I started traveling and picked up books have I been reading many captivating ones. The books on this list are the ones who have had a special influence on me, my behavior or worldview (in no particular order). The Dip Homo Sapiens Exponential Organizations Elon Musk Bold The Art of Non-Conformity Seneca On The […]

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What I am doing (November, 2016)

Searching for jobs related to strategy and technology. Find resume here ✌️ I have realized that now is the time for me to be in a bigger company where I can learn from my peers and see how the business world functions on a bigger scale. More specifically, I am looking for a junior consulting role […]

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